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tonight will be very special for me. i’m going to THE PUB for dinner. THE PUB is a steakhouse located right outside of philadelphia on the airport circle in new jersey for over 50 years. nothing has changed in those 50 years. 

cover of THE PUB menu

housed in a gigantic tudor building, THE PUB is a classic example of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” once you walk through the heavy wood doors you are welcomed by a warm medieval atmosphere with cozy details like olde english stone floors, stained glass windows, dark wooden beams, gallows, and swords. among my favorite touches in the decor are the wagon wheel chandeliers and the large kegs mounted to the walls in the lounge.

so it’s a little dark. more reason to feel comfortable and relaxed.  this kind of uniqueness can’t be found at any other steakhouse. i don’t know why morton’s, smith and wollensky, the palm, or ruth’s chris haven’t stumbled upon this business model for their restaurants. sophisticated blandness. that’s what they are.

i like that there is always a wait when i go to THE PUB. beginning the PUB experience with a wait in the lounge is just super deluxe fun. i think all of the bartenders are WWII vets without the PTSD experienced by vets of other wars because these guys can get their drink on. and do they know how to make a cocktail! i like to kick it olde school and get a whiskey sour poured with a heavy, likely stewed, hand. THE PUB is also cool because you can order a flagon of wine. i personally recommend the chilled cabernet sauvignon.

notice the flagons of wine

THE PUB house wine is quite quaffable even to the most discrimating wine snob. not that i’d take any of my wine snob friends to THE PUB because they just wouldn’t get it. they’d be all hung up on there being no valet parking and would be all verklempt upon entering that they couldn’t appreciate THE PUB’s charm.

the dining room is dominated on one wall by the large hearth and is manned by chefs wearing aprons and chef toques. because the kitchen is in the dining room there is a boisterousness that puts you at ease.

the hostess and serving staff are all so sweet and call you hun in their sexy too-many pall malls voices.  i always feel bad for them though cuz usually they’re on their second work shift for the day having left a 12-hour shift at the diner. they stay fueled by the sambuca shots the manager gives them in the back. i know this because they’re friendly enough to share it with me.

and now for the menu ….

 THE PUB fare is to die for. savory is right! i always get the house special filet with herb seasoned sauteed brown onions which are on the house. SweeeeeeeeT! and before you say to yourself, omg THE PUB is giving this shit away, let me tell you about THE PUB FREE BEES.  that’s right, all of this is included with your entree….

fuck yeah!  i’m salivating just thinking about PUB hearth baked bread and PUB made mashed potatoes.

besides a truly spectacular dining experience. the main reason i love THE PUB is that i am always the most beautiful girl in the room.  i don’t know why this is. it’s a mystery to me why all of the superleggy paper thin supermodels from ny and philly aren’t frequenting THE PUB, but they foolishly only do swanky. medieval is where it’s at. their loss is my gain because i’d like to keep this mammoth hidden gem all to pretty myself, thank you.

  1. January 29, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    Wow this sounds very tasty! I shall send a copy of the menu to my vegetarian friend! I’m sure she will want to kill me but she made me eat a Vege Lasagna and I still have not forgiven her haha.


  2. January 29, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    but the flagons of wine we can all get behind, yes?

  3. Jenny
    January 30, 2010 at 10:45 pm

    I want to go!!!

  4. February 5, 2010 at 7:01 am

    Interesting place! can I join too?

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